Get Involved

Sense Ability Matters receives a huge amount of support from volunteers, our membership and those who donate financially. Without this support we would not be able to reach as many people as we do nor could we deliver the diverse range of services we are able to offer.

Our Sense Ability Matters membership helps us to plan, communicate and consult effectively whilst volunteers deliver services directly to those who need them. Donations and fundraising help us keep the charity running and provide a little more of everything we do – that extra piece of equipment in the lending library, an extra Living Well with Sight Loss course added into the calendar.


We have over 80 individual Members who help to set the Sense Ability Matters strategy and are engaged in our key decision making at Annual General Meetings. Our membership is open to individuals who are eligible for registration as Sight Impaired, Severely Sight Impaired, Deaf, hard of hearing, disabled or living with a long-term health condition. You can also become a member if you have an interest in supporting the charity.

Membership is currently free and provides a regular newsletter, invitations to consultation events, and a vote at our Annual General Meeting.


Volunteers at Sense Ability Matters provide invaluable support for both the charity and those we are working to help.

In particular we are looking for volunteer befrienders and volunteer drivers. However, if you have administration, marketing or other skills that could help us deliver our services, please get in touch.


As a charity, Sense Ability Matters raises money through grants and fundraising. Added to this, we benefit greatly from public donations and fundraising campaigns. Your donations will directly contribute to our services such as equipment for the lending library, replacing our specialist low vision equipment, and events and activities for people accessing our services. We can also use public donations as ‘match funding’ to help us secure grants from funding bodies!